avatars near the ocean on a team building activity

Choose an Educational Ludic Immersive Virtual Activity (ELIVA)! A7ressources’ virtual team building activities will surprise your participants with a unique approach! For 77 minutes, they will play a role (with or without avatars) in a 3D object quest

WHICH TEAM WILL WIN? This friendly competition allows you to get to know each other better, while having fun and escaping to another universe!

You will have 7 steps to go through. Support is provided to guide the novices…

The impact of A7 virtual team building activities is measurable

After 1 hour of games, a gathering is held to congratulate the big winners and to look back on the adventure: parallels between this experience and daily life in the office can be drawn in order to draw lessons applicable in your future professional experiences.

« You can learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. »

With or without Avatar

A7 can also spice up these activities with the creation of avatars.

Each participant is then represented by a virtual graphic character. Presenting yourself as such an avatar, in addition to the playful aspect, allows you to go beyond your character, to dare, to take risks and to discover facets of yourself that you may not have suspected.

A collegial social team building activity

Work better as a team through a puzzle, a virtual game exclusive to A7!

Finding the pieces of the puzzle requires a thoughtful plan by each team… Where will you start?

Putting the pieces together will also strengthen the group’s spirit since all members are involved. Choose content One for all, all for one or Establish successful exchanges to stimulate your team’s interpersonal intelligence!

Take advantage of enriching moments, rich in intellectual discoveries while developing your interpersonal skills!

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