Are you looking for an innovative social activity? You want to use game-based strategies to make your event more meaningful? A7’s team building events, organized in conjunction with Ubisoft, will help you bridge the virtual and relational worlds we live in. This unique team building activity, which combines the virtual world with teamwork, is the only one of its kind in North America! Come test your skills in the ESCAPE ROOM, a unique environment where you need to solve problems as a group! Guaranteed to please thrill-seekers!

Strengthen your team through games

Experience a game-based activity where team spirit meets virtual reality, problem solving & video games… A7’s very own Béatrice Javaudin hosts this 2-hour friendly group activity (followed by 1 hour of networking and free play). « LE MONDE D’UBISOFT » can be booked as a private space for corporate and other groups from Monday to Friday with free and easily accessible parking.

To further reinforce the message, parallels will be established and practical advice given to conclude the A7 & Ubisoft team building event on:

  • teamwork
  • relational health
  • managing change
  • creative skills development
  • employee commitment

A7 & Ubisoft’s team building events aim to bring about change and empower your employees about their responsibilities within your team. To accomplish this, connections between the situations experienced during the event with every day office reality will be identified.

Real impact and benefits

The interactive format of A7 & Ubisoft’s team building activity generates measurable results! Your participation will build genuine improvements! You will save time (A7 & Ubisoft organize everything from A to Z) in terms of relevance, in team bonding and in appreciation! This will encourage your team to participate in future activities, making your investment worthwhile!

« You can learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. »


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Contact A7 and discover networking solutions for a new approach in meetings/plans/events at 514.803.7977 or by email.

A variety of formats

A7 meets your needs while keeping your situation in mind by offering a variety of training formats. A7 & Ubisoft’s team building activity helps your employees develop skills that will allow them to grow individually and as a group.

Uncover the pieces of the puzzle to work better as a team

Each group gets a piece of the puzzle for each correct answer! Assembling it will require the participation of each member of the group! Choose an activity, All for one and one for all or Establish successful exchanges to boost your team’s relational intelligence!

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Promote creACTIVITY within your organization

To solve the puzzles, a team captain will be chosen… Will they be able to foster cohesion and motivate the group? Chose our Neuron Party workshop to boost your team’s personal skills development.

Every team member deserves recognition

To solve the puzzles, personal skills and expertise will be called upon. Each team will win a prize based on a range of criteria such as speed, creativity, resourcefulness, organization, attitude etc… A7’s From transactional to relational activity can help your team offer the best customer experience.

Contact Béatrice, MPI’s 2014 personality of the year for the Quebec chapter.