Relato Moments are face-to-face or virtual happy hours that last 77 minutes. A7ressources offers participants the opportunity to discuss a subject they are passionate about in the company of an expert.

Why choose RELATO ?

The objective of the face-to-face or virtual happy hours is to learn more in a collegial manner: the expert’s exchanges and insights will nourish the knowledge and allow the subject to be considered from other perspectives. It is also a space and time to share in a friendly atmosphere, to get closer and relax while having fun!

How do these aperitifs take place?

We start with a short presentation on the topic at hand. Then with an animation, each participant asks questions and/or brings a point of view. This period, which is rich in exchanges between everyone, is supervised to ensure that everyone can speak: interpersonal dynamics are managed by the A7ressources facilitator.

How do these virtual happy hours work?

These social activities are organized by A7ressources, virtually or face-to-face, upon request and according to certain arrangements. Teams can plan them by booking with A7ressources. You can also participate individually in the activities set out in the calendar by joining a group of participants from here and elsewhere who do not know each other (pre-registration).

« Travelling without meeting the other person is not travelling, it’s getting around! »
 – Alexandra Damien Leen

A7ressources invites you to travel to a unique destination: the DISCOVERY OF HUMANITY AND ITS PASSIONS!