Do you want to enhance your corporate events with unique content or some outside support? A7 has an abundance of great ideas and offers innovative event management tools! Your participants will love the atmosphere and practicality of game-based activities organized with LE MONDE D’UBISOFT, social get-togethers (5@7, fundraisers, sporting activities…), Neuron Parties, conferences and business meetings! 

As an active member of MPI (Meeting Professionals International) and as the 2014 MPI personality of the year for the Quebec chapter, Béatrice and her team can help you as much or as little as you require according to your needs!

Take a look an an excerpt from an event.

Lasting impact and benefits

Your participants will quickly realize the substantial benefits of your event! You will see a measurable impact in terms of participant satisfaction and increased motivation to attend future events!

« You can learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. »


Interactive format that produces measurable results

Whether we participate by contributing valuable content (research, trends, topics covered by A7) or through conferences (1/4h, 1/2h, 1h, 1h30 or lunch & learn), your participants will appreciate the depth of the discussions! Enhance your team’s growth through skills development. 

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Béatrice Javaudin au micro

Béatrice Javaudin

Effective event communication: beginning, middle & end!

Use this opportunity to highlight each other’s strengths and get your participants involved through role-playing. Although they may resist (multiple fears, afraid of being ridiculed, of losing, being incompetent, etc.), their participation will be recognized, which will in turn boost their self-confidence! 

Cognitive learning is a long-term investment that leads to the improvement of personal skills! Prepare for these reactions with the right answers and highlight the goal: a social activity is the ideal moment to have fun and interact with colleagues without judgement or risk!

A variety of training workshops

A7 meets your needs while keeping your situation in mind by offering a variety of options: 1/4 hour session to two full days or a lunch & learn. A7 provides useful event apps, including C+B2B.

Are you familiar with A7’s Pep activities?

A7’s Pep activities are immersive, dynamic and interactive. They will help you save time thanks to their precise format and clear objectives. They aim to make a lasting impression and contribute greatly to skills development and team growth! Choose the format that suits you best!

Contact Béatrice, named 2014 MPI personality of the year for the Quebec chapter at 514.803.7977 or by email.

Custom events

Are you looking for something that better fits your situation? Don’t hesitate to ask for a custom event for your organization. You choose the strategy!

And why not choose virtual learning ?

Explore an easy and effective method to upgrade your skills with VLPOs: Virtual Learning Publications with Objectives… Benefit from this new format (ex. La Presse +) to gather new and practical ideas!  Choose the training style that best suits you: visual (scrolling text) audio (audio podcasts) kinesthetic (scrolling pages and browsing topics that interest you…).

You cannot find what you’re looking for? No worries, A7 will gladly share the topics of future virtual modules with you (customer service, sales, team building etc…)

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