The information collected during consultations with A7 will allow you to make informed decisions. Furthermore, by entrusting us to moderate your meetings and executive retreats, you will optimize your individual participation. If you’re looking for peace of mind, count on our thorough assessment to turn business meetings into successful collaborative exchanges.

A7’s consultations, a means to progress!

Asking the right questions

Knowing how to ask the right questions is the secret ingredient for successful interventions. The managerial expertise of our coaches and consultants generates peace of mind and is greatly appreciated. A7’s thorough methodology makes it possible for you to achieve the goals that were jointly defined before the intervention. In this context, listening which is the cornerstone of presence development, accelerates the comprehension of the situation! See how mystery clients, surveys or tests can help you draw a precise picture of your situation.

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Specialized interventions

A7 relies on controlled primary data and valuable secondary data to perform market research, consultations or activities. A7ressources offers both structured and flexible solutions! An intervention strategy will be developed in response to our preliminary discussions and up-to-date progress reports will be provided as they become available. What a relief knowing you have an ace up your sleeve!

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Genuine people skills

A7’s interventions are based on genuine connections with people. That is why, the interactive approach of our consultations and activities gives you a clear understanding of particular situations and will help you accomplish your goals! Give our consultation/animation activities a try! Choose a winning formula for a noticeable improvement in individual skills.

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A7’s consultations, ready-made format

A7 meets your needs while keeping in mind your situation. Benefit from A7’s ready-made training formula through meetings with a variety of experts over a 7-week period. 

Be at the heart of your own learning!

Situational Assessment Questionnaire

Completing the situational assessment questionnaire is a great first step towards your 1st introspective process exercise. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with this approach, A7 can also rely on mystery calls, psychological tests, 360 discussions and  confidential surveys or simply collect your own personal feedback! A7 encourages and recommends the use of various collection methods.