A7ressources, certified by Emploi Québec, aims to assist managers who want to combine employee performance and development in a business context. 

Through effective training and coaching techniques, special group events and practical tools for sustainable knowledge transfer, A7 generates a real transfer of knowledge with lasting effects.

Learning activities that meet your needs

Through our events, and interactive and immersive workshops, we are partners in the development of your organization’s personal skills. Whether it is in customer service or sales, we offer a variety of training formats that are sure to meet your needs. 

We firmly believe that performance and well-being are key tools in any manager and employee’s toolbox. To help you develop or fine-tune these tools, A7 offers learning activities in resource management and team relationships that will lead to better performance and well-being.

Certified by Emploi Québec

Certified by Emploi Québec, A7ressources is proud to be able to offer training workshops to eligible businesses who wish to conform to the 1% Skills Development and Recognition Act.

Organizations can take use A7’s services and tale advantage of the Loi sur les compétences. The perfect formula to develop their employees’ personal skills! 

Training Organization Certificate 2019-2022

Training Organization Certificate 2019-2022

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