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A7’s interactive training workshops provide a valuable opportunity for knowledge transfer. Training workshops can be given within our multiple session training program, you can choose the format that’s best for you:  1h30, a half day or full day! A7 also offers 1 hour conference sessions that can be given during your business meeting, convention, panel, seminar etc…Or why not invite one of our trainers to host your next 1 or 2 day business retreat? A7 can also help organize team building activities to strengthen work relationships! Individual 1 hour coaching sessions are given right at your desk: saving time & improving work skills!
A7 recommends between 10 & 15 people for training workshops. This allows for easier group discussions & all participants have the opportunity to express themselves! For larger groups, A7 will make alternative suggestions. For conferences, A7 will adapt & offer invaluable content combined with stunning visuals.
Improvement of skills is transversal, which is why A7 offers workshops that focus on interpersonal skills, relational intelligence, organization skills, proximity management … Consult our clients’ testimonials !
To achieve your goals! There’s no senseless babbling at A7! Our training activities are creative, relevant & aim to improve your employees’ personal skills! Receiving so much praise from our clients (large companies, associations and SMB’s) is a testimony of our credibility!
A7 can easily adapt to various situations. Our expertise & relevance is the key to successfully make a difference in complex and multicultural environments, whether unionized or not.
Whichever is better for you! A7 can go anywhere or bring you to very unique places 🙂 Our team building & group bonding activities are carried out in the UBISOFT WORLD.
To managers wanting to support employees in their skills progress! Some activities are also geared directly to employees.
  1. Winning recipe to ensure employee participation
  2. Provides relevance & a sense of meaning
  3. Effective knowledge transfer
  4. Developping interpersonal relations
  5. creACTION awareness
  6. Warm & positive approach
  7. Immersive training workshops
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It’s a great way to support your employees! Training activities offer instant communication in sharing knowledge & therefore creating a higher level of expectation amongst participants. It allows them to grow for which they will be very grateful… This also contributes to employee loyalty, which is very precious since the average cost of an employee departure can be anywhere from 30 to 400% of the salary (depending on seniority, position level, issues etc…source ATMAN) The manpower shortage requires you to strengthen your overall efficiency…Enhancing the contribution of each member of your team will be the key to your success!
The vast experience & observations that A7 has accumulated over the years all have one thing in common: you must nurture interpersonal relationships to establish a healthier and more productive workplace environment.  The loss of productivity is seen in many work environments brought on by stress and low motivation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2020 depression will be the 2nd leading cause of workplace disability leave (source – Wanting to tackle this issue head on, A7 decided to become a leader in improving work life quality. It’s time to take action and find effective solutions. By collaborating with various experts in their field, our activities offer many tools to help respond to the concerns of employers and employees by providing tangible solutions.

A7 wants to encourage managers & employees to adopt better work practices…  A7 makes all the difference, offering activities which encourage the necessary efforts to change old habits! Your well-being at work is actually a hot topic… international phenomenon, according to a study by CROP- Order of Certified Human Resources advisors, more than half of employees believe that stress and work related illnesses are constantly on the rise. The majority of those also believe that employers don’t do enough to prevent them. Are you one of them? By providing the proper tools for a better work life environment, both employees & employers come out on top!

Workplace health and well-being: figures that speak for themselves

  • According to statistics Canada, 60% of highly stressed workers attribute their situation mainly to their work environment (Source : Qu’est-ce qui stresse les stressés? Principales sources de stress des travailleurs – Susan Crompton, Statistiques Canada, 13 octobre 2011).
  • work absenteeism costs are estimated at $14 billion annually and stress alone accounts for at least 54% of missed days (Source : Et si on revenait à l’essentiel ? – Natacha Jean, Les affaires, 5 novembre 2011).
  • health-related costs represent up to 17% of the average salary and workplace compensation has increased by 700% in the last 5 years (Source : Santé au travail : il est grand temps d’agir! – Caroline Rodgers, La presse affaires, 29 novembre 2011).
  • the return on investment would be between $1.50 and $4.00 for every dollar spent on workplace wellness. (Source : Santé au travail : il est grand temps d’agir! – Caroline Rodgers, La presse affaires, 29 novembre 2010)
  • between 1994 and 2010, 40% of workers have gone through a period of psychological distress (Source : Et si on revenait à l’essentiel? – Natacha Jean,  Les affaires, 5 novembre 2011).
  • healthy workplace environment is the number 1 quality that 60% of job seekers are looking for. (Source : Enquête Randstad, 17 octobre 2011).


Employees who feel fulfilled with their work will strive to give their best. Keep your employees longer by giving them a strong sense of community and belonging. They are also representing your brand’s image, so investing in your employees means investing in their relationships with customers, prospect customers and social networks.

A healthy workplace environment is part of a growing movement in the health and wellness field. Here are some programs offered in line with this trend reinforcing A7’s position in this field.

  • Employee assistance program: EAP is a confidential, short-term counselling service for employees whose performance is affected by stress. EAP’s can help employees better manage their stress, both personally and professionally.

    « EAP should be integrated within a corporate project to promote workplace wellness through written policies, ongoing training for supervisors and employees, and, if necessary, an approved drug testing program. » (CCHST)

  • « Healthy Enterprise » certification by Groupe Entreprises en santé : this approach leads to certification related to the BNQ 9700-800 standard « provides guidance and sets out requirements regarding good organizational practices that foster healthy lifestyles among employees, a healthy workplace and sustainable improvements in the health of individuals. »
  • Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month  promoted by Excellence Canada
  • « At the Heart of Work»: Initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Quebec is a program which provides employers with simple and effective tools to encourage healthy eating and regular physical activity a work.
  • Acti-Menu : a company that promotes health and wellness to the general public, employers, employees and health professionals. It is held by 3 foundations: the Fondation Prévention Santé Intégrale,  Fondation ÉPIC  & the Fondation de l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont.

These are just a few examples of the global awareness of workplace health and well-being. By joining this cause, you are promoting yourself as as a company that cares about the health of your employees and becoming one of the best employers in Canada. To qualify as one of the top 100 employers, Mediacorp evaluates 8 different criteria including work environment, work atmosphere, vacation time, holidays, employee communication, performance management and employee training and development. A7 provides you with the best tools in order to incorporate these 8 components and maximize the potential of your resources.


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