A7ressources offers training workshops hosted by dynamic trainers whose goal it is to help your employees reach their full potential!

Effective Knowledge Transfer

Interactive Training Workshops

A7’s interactive workshops are specifically designed to generate a real transfer of knowledge. Have a look at our training formats.

Focusing on the client’s objectives

You want to increase your participants’ satisfaction during training activities? Discover A7’s proven recipe! The quality of deliverables will grab their attention, which is not surprising considering a satisfaction score of 95% year after year.

An abundance of inspiration!

The generosity shown by our trainers is greatly appreciated by participants. Their advice and suggestions are based on the most up-to-date research and training techniques, and on the insight of top industry leaders. This quality is at the heart of A7’s enviable reputation!

Discover A7’s approach for riveting immersive workshops.

Worry-free learning environment

A7 trainers strive to create a worry-free learning environment based on respect (of the schedule, of each participant, of their right to speak) that ensures meaningful discussions. Their expertise ensures a well structured workshop that runs smoothly. 

Having fun, being positive and cheerful are a must 🙂

Our goal is to put participants at ease… A7 trainers are experts at leading constructive and stimulating workshops!

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Engaged trainers empower participants

A7 trainers interact with the participants in a constructive way throughout the workshop triggering a heightened awareness… During the workshops, an inquisitive mind becomes the norm and participants are constantly being challenged to question any preconceived notions they may have.

Trainers ready to listen

We know that participants come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why, we ensure that every one of them has a chance to engage and we manage the chatty ones in a constructive way. Finally, training workshops that are sure to empower your organization and its employees!

Discover A7’s self-empowerment concept to give your employees the confidence to succeed.

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