Do you want to obtain measurable results in employee satisfaction and performance? Discover A7’s skills reinforcement workshops. For example, the TEAM DEVELOPMENT workshop offers a training path to reinforce the development of relational skills that will lead to a closer-knit team!

Reinforcement workshops provide practical tools that generate long-term benefits! You will notice behavioural improvement in: 

  • customer service,
  • sales,
  • team relationships, and
  • resource management

Lasting impact and benefits

Choose effective, interactive and immersive training workshops. Considering their impact is measurable and they lead to an immediate gain in individual skills development, they represent a highly sensible option. 

Discover our progressive training workshops.

An action plan for progressive learning!

In order to obtain measurable results in personal skills development, A7 creates a schedule of activities and interactive meetings!

Try our immersive follow-up training workshops of ¼ hour, ½ hour, 1h30, half-day, full-day or 2-day retreat…. Choose a winning formula for a noticeable improvement in individual skills.

Contact A7ressources to find out more about skills reinforcement & follow-up training at 514 803 7977 or by email.

A variety of training workshops

Standard Reinforcement Workshop

It’s about meeting your needs with regards to your particular situation! Consult our catalogue for basic training courses.

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Standard training workshops

A7 meets your needs while keeping in mind your situation. Benefit from A7’s ready-made training formula through meetings with a variety of experts over a 7-week period. 

And why not choose virtual learning ?

Explore an easy and effective method to upgrade your skills with VLPOs: Virtual Learning Publications with Objectives… Benefit from this new format (ex. La Presse +) to gather new and practical ideas!  Choose the training style that best suits you: visual (scrolling text) audio (audio podcasts) kinesthetic (scrolling pages and browsing topics that interest you…).

You cannot find what you’re looking for? No worries, A7 will gladly share the topics of future virtual modules with you (customer service, sales, team building etc…)

Discover VLPOs