Béatrice Javaudin donne un discours

A graduate in business administration, Béatrice has acquired extensive working experience throughout 6 countries, most notably for luxury hotel chains and in the tourism industry. As a manager, she has developed a keen sense  of customer service, business relations and team building

Béatrice launches her first company

Since her arrival in Quebec in 1995, Béatrice has been lending her expertise to the Accor group and Fairmount Hotels. Then, she decided to launch her own company, CLIENTIS, which specialized in business development in the service industry. She successfully managed her B2B/commercialization business for over 17 years until she was acquired by a Quebec based company.


Photo noir et blanc de Béatrice Javaudin

Béatrice Javaudin

Since 2015, Béatrice has been at the helm of her new company A7ressources focusing on human relations in the workplace.

Accredited by Emploi-Québec, Béatrice offers her enthusiasm and expertise as a trainer and consultant giving insight to business managers aiming for enriched employee personal development and human relations.

Whether it is through interactive and immersive training in:

or through custom workshops, A7’s customers appreciate Beatrice’s energy, down-to-earth approach and the appropriateness of her advice.

She can apply her expertise as a consultant or through coaching, and she can host conferences and events, interactive workshops, and business meetings, with the same unparalleled enthusiasm and proven results that are the foundation of her reputation.

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