When we look at the world we live in today, it is easy to see how the technological advances have completely redefined the way we live and communicate.


So, since technology is only going to advance, the question is: what will be the most coveted skill of the future? In my opinion, it is creativity. Ultimately a computer lacks imagination or creativity to dream up a vision for the future. It lacks the emotional competent that a human being has. Thus, creativity will be the skill of the future.

However, creativity has always been valued throughout ages, and although technological advances have of the past have also revolutionized societies and moved them to a different direction,  the value our society placed on creativity has always remained constant. An example of that the importance placed on art, starting from the Greeks and the Egyptians, to the Medicis in Italy to Belle Epoque in France. When you think about old masters of art such as Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, you can clearly understand why their paintings are valued at a high premium: it is because of their inherent innovation and creativity. The price of the canvas, the oil colors and the brushes is insignificant in comparison with the price sells for, which indicates that we as a society place a value on the emotion and the creative genius in a painting. As a testament to that, Leonardo Da Vinci’s panting Salvador Mundi was recently sold for $450 million. Why did it deserve such a premium? Were people buying the canvas and the colors on it? No people were buying a trace of Leonardo Da Vinci genius, they were buying his vision, his creativity as expressed through the painting.

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SOURCE: Forbes


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